About Us

 Actimedix Ltd. consists of a group of professionals, operating across Europe and having more than 15 year's experience in branding, sourcing and manufacturing solutions within nutraceutical industry.

Being based in the Czech republic, Actimedix Ltd. serves as a gateway to Eastern Europe, helping to achieve effective manufacturing and sourcing solutions for local companies as well as to provide its expertise to global manufacturers, who are aiming to establish distribution in Eastern Europe.

Long term focus on advanced technologies and cooperation with credible and expanding companies has resulted in several valuable business partnerships and in the creation of successful market brands, keeping the leading positions in selected market segments throughout the years.

For manufacturers, willing to venture markets in the Central Europe, we can offer promotional, logistic and distribution services to maintain successful market launch of their brands.


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Are you a manufacturer with interesting products aiming to distribute them in the Central Europe?

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