Our services


Established partnerships with major suppliers of active substances and raw materials enable us to provide optimal sourcing parameters for manufacturers and trading companies, so as to support their product advantages with high quality blends and reasonable price levels. We deliver special nutraceutical components such as probiotic blends and enzymes, freeze-dried oils and acids.


Direct participation in manufacturing processes and state-of the-art technological capacities enable us to provide complex manufacturing and packing solutions. We are capable of the production of blends, tablets and capsules, coating and blistering procedures. Liquid forms of all kinds are also available. This includes alcohol-based blends. 


Intensive activities within the industry provide us with valuable contacts, information and expertise which we can utilize in helping to create new business relations. Most frequent tasks amount to finding appropriate partners for foreign companies wishing to establish distribution for their products in Central Europe, or providing appropriate supplies for several manufacturing needs.


For manufacturers, willing to venture markets in the Central Europe, we can offer promotional, logistic and distribution services to maintain successful market launch of their brands. Long term experience in marketing of dietary supplements and medical devices gives us the ability to assure all activities are executed professionally and effectively. Team of experienced sales representatives and direct relations with medial agencies form a substantial advantage of our service.  


Consulting services covering the areas of sourcing, manufacturing, prospecting and distribution set-up are available.